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Parents' Perspectives

Current and alumni parents share their reflections about Burgundy.

A friend recommended we visit ...


Every month or so, my husband and I say to one another, "I’m sure glad we chose Burgundy." In the time that our son has been at Burgundy, our very shy and reserved little boy has blossomed. He’s has been exposed to a range of experiences both within and outside of his comfort-zone, and has persevered! In just a handful of months, he has gained tremendous self-confidence and an even stronger sense self-worth. We are truly looking forward to seeing him continue to branch out and grow in the coming years. We feel that Burgundy will provide our son with a strong foundation that he will carry with him for many years to come.

— Kristen N., current parent


Exemplary curriculum and exploratory learning style with a focus on remaining child-centric; extensive arts/music/sports programs; small class sizes; proactive and communicative faculty, staff, and administration; a strong school/parent community; and a spirit of service. This place is amazing and my children have flourished here. Simply put we LOVE Burgundy, like it is a member of our family.

— Lia M., current parent


We have been lucky enough to send three children to Burgundy over the past 5 years. During this time we have come to appreciate more and more the unique education that Burgundy has to offer our children. In both the Lower and Middle Schools, children are exposed to a rich, progressive learning environment.

Academically, we have been impressed by the focus on collaborative projects and cooperative learning that is expected and encouraged in the classroom. An emphasis on learning how to learn goes hand in hand with learning core knowledge in subject areas. Our oldest daughter, now a graduate of Burgundy, has gone on to a very competitive academic environment that she is thriving in. She attributes much of her success to her years at Burgundy where her teachers spent time encouraging her, challenging her and giving her a sense of independence and confidence to pursue her own goals.

— Alexa S. and Greg H., current and alumni parents


Our children are so happy at Burgundy. They hustle us out the door in the morning because they can’t wait to get to school. They have made so many friends, they are challenged academically and, most importantly, they feel known, loved and cared for. School is a joyful place. Our children have become thinkers and doers rather than memorizers, they feel comfortable taking risks, and they’ve also become more confident and active in their learning. Recently, our son's friend asked him if he goes to a good school. He replied, "I don't go to a good school, I go to a great school."

— Moley and Nicholas E., current parents


While an independent school is a stretch for our family, we have no doubts that our investment in a Burgundy education for both of our children is truly the best legacy we can give them. When our daughter started kindergarten we were excited about the type of education she was about to embark in, and now that we have seen the results, we know that our son will also be at home at Burgundy.

Our visits to Burgundy make the adults in the family happy that our kids can attend a school that doesn’t just teach, but helps develop children into confident boys and girls. As the pace of change in the world we live in accelerates, the ability to learn, adapt, and learn again will become the most important skill of the future. This paired with a sense of respect for the environment and others in the community are without a doubt, the reasons we feel so happy to be part of the Burgundy community now and where we look forward to our kids’ graduations.

— Juana A. and Juan F., current parents


We are so pleased with the whole-child education our daughter is experiencing at Burgundy Farm Country Day School. The focus on social, emotional, and academic learning encourages and supports each child to grow into their own unique self with great appreciation and respect for the world around them. The active and organic nature of the environment truly instills a love of exploration and learning in each and every child. From the classroom, to the campus, to the community, Burgundy is a unique and magical treasure for the children and their families.

— Jane H. T. and Michael S., current parents


When we came to Burgundy, we already knew that our two kids were different types of learners. One son thrives with clear structure and routine in the classroom while our other son relishes the opportunities to make choices and loves the “freedom” to explore his interests. Burgundy provides both environments simultaneously! We’ve been impressed to find that the teachers were able to determine the strengths of both our sons within the first few weeks of school and “customize” activities to appropriately challenge them.

— Tina and John W., current parents


A friend recommended we visit Burgundy. She warned us that we would fall in love. She was right. The expansive, lush campus with its rolling hills. The quaint buildings that housed surprisingly modern classrooms. The sweet red barn with goats, sheep, chickens and even a pig. The small class sizes. The incredible library that rivals some public collections. The amazing playground. The rich, progressive curriculum. The smiling, energetic teachers who seemed to adore their jobs. We loved it all. How could we not? But what really got me was this game the kids were playing as we drove up. It was called Wolves and Caribou. It was basically a tag/hide and seek hybrid, but the kids were using the ENTIRE campus to play. They were laughing and screaming and running all over like free range... children. Like children are supposed to run. And that's when I knew. That's what I wanted for my kiddo. A place to be free.

— Tracy Camp-Johnston, current and alumni parent and kindergarten teacher


I wanted my children to thrive. I wanted them to be in a school that allowed them to stretch their social and academic wings, a place that would meet them where they are and take them further, a place that would strengthen their confidence, allow them to learn from their mistakes, foster their independence, and provide space for friendships to blossom. I wanted a school that would nurture their inherent curiosity and wonder, and allow them to dig deeply into their studies.

For those reasons (and a hundred more) we chose Burgundy, and I am grateful for that decision every day as I watch my three children run joyfully toward their classrooms.

Burgundy has been what I had hoped it would be, and even more. I am astounded by the skill, knowledge, and warmth of the teachers, and the depth to which they know each of my children — their personal strengths, their challenges, and everything in between. I am so grateful we made the decision to send our children to Burgundy; the foundation they are laying here will support them for the rest of their lives.

— Jenny F., current parent


Even before the school year began, my son’s science teacher invited him and a few other 7th graders to go fishing at the pond (did I say we had a pond?). They spent most of the day laughing and spending time together. Just seeing the happiness on his face when he returned with a bucket full of fish (all of which were put back by the way) demonstrates what Burgundy is all about. My son was completely unknown to the group, yet ​he was included as if he had always been a part of the community.

— Joseph Edwards, current parent and Middle School teacher


As I stood in the junior kindergarten classroom, I looked out the windows at the trees and sky and realized this was a place where my daughter could roam in a way that city kids really can’t. I imagined her there surrounded by the natural light. I listened as one of the JK teachers, Kamilah Mitchell, described a typical day. She seemed like a no-nonsense person but was so friendly — I could see my daughter responding to her as a teacher, especially when Kamilah said she’d been at Burgundy for 14 years.

I knew then that we would have to apply. The idea of having a city kid who goes to school in the country, a place where she would have space to move and to learn to be independent, was too compelling.

— Libby Q., current parent


A Burgundy decision, especially at the JK level, is very difficult. But education and community were of vital importance to us, and it has certainly been worth the while for Sammy, who has embraced every moment of his Burgundy life and has had an explosive learning experience thus far! It became a financial priority for us.

— Katy P. and Josh C., current parents


Both of our children attended this beautiful school and are now considered "social justice warriors" by their high school and college peers. Burgundy graduates think globally yet have the unique experience of being on the farm, and studying the environment up close and personal. I think Burgundy let our kids be kids longer, and they definitely spent more time outdoors learning about nature first-hand than they would have in any other school. And Burgundy students are prepared for challenging high school and college experiences.

— Roberta Masters-Cullen, alumni parent and drama teacher


There was never a question that while those schools in DC were impressive, they were not for my daughter. She is a playful, bright, outdoorsy, active, curious, inquisitive child who seeks diversity in her activities, her friends, and her choices. She needed something special – a place where she could be herself, learn in her own way, be an active part of deciding her “spot” in the world (there is a day in September dedicated to this theme!), and just be a kid. Each time we visited Burgundy, I witnessed the magic of the campus, community, teachers and children break down my husband’s preconceived notions of what school should look and feel like. And when the notification letters came – he opened Burgundy’s first. And we celebrated.

— Karin N., current parent