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The Burgundy Difference

Burgundy is special. At most schools, you sit at a desk and work in workbooks. Every once in a while, you play a game or do a project or something like that. Burgundy is different. You learn from experience. In science, instead of reading about the topic, you do a hands-on experiment, and then someone teaches you the science behind it. Burgundy makes learning more fun. How are we supposed to truly understand how something works if we can't see it happen? 
— Then-5th grader Ella Heist, Class of 2020

Outdoor Learning

Exploring at the CoveOur campuses provide infinite opportunities for active, engaged, outdoor learning. Whether it's an art class in the treehouse, science experiments in a sandbox, special ecological studies at the Cove, a Kindergarten lesson on cooperation in the woods, or a Middle School obstacle course on the playground, our faculty find unique ways for Burgundy students to learn by using our main campus in Alexandria and our mountain campus in West Virginia to their full potential.

News about our campuses:

Fine & Performing Arts

Art projectsAt Burgundy, the broad study of the arts, including art shows and performance experience, boosts development of the whole person. The Burgundy arts program in many ways supports the Burgundy mission and educational philosophy, encouraging creativity and teamwork, self-awareness, and social skills.

Opportunities for artistic expression are unusually rich and varied at Burgundy. Children have classes in fine art, drama and music in which they experiment, learn technical skills and creative problem-solving, and broaden their aesthetic awareness to expand their confidence and comfort zones. Art studies often grow from the history, literature, and cultures that children are exploring in their academic classes.

A springtime tradition for nearly 30 years is the Burgundy Arts Festival, where work from every student in every grade is included. Each year, each Middle School class puts on a show -- 6th graders present a themed Broadway review, 7th graders put on a classic play, and 8th graders showcase a musical. Sign-up music recitals throughout the year, as well as class music showcases in the spring, allow our musicians to share their talent and skill.

Our new Arts and Community Center, the Logan Loft was opened in March of 2018 and provides beautiful classroom spaces for drama, art and music in addition to a dedicated "maker-space" for work in STEAM-related activities. This new building seamlessly links indoor and outdoor learning for students in their arts classes, just as our academic classrooms do.

Library & Technology

Kindergarten readers

The Rachel Hall Library and adjacent computer lab, on the first floor of East Barn, serves as the central resource for the Burgundy campus.

Originally parent organized and run, the library is now staffed by two full-time professional librarians and by parents who volunteer shifts. The library is open from 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily, and parents are encouraged to make use of both the general collection and the parent/teacher collection. Students may use the library at any time during the school day, and each class through 5th grade has a scheduled library time. Books are checked out for two weeks at a time and renewed if needed.

Burgundy hosts author visits throughout the year and a book fair each spring.

The collection contains about 20,000 titles, including books, videos and magazines. The library's electronic catalog system is entirely web-based and accessible on campus or from home.

At Burgundy technology is integrated into the curriculum. Computer skills are learned while completing meaningful projects from other academic and special subjects. Students gain experience with word processing, database management, spreadsheets, graphics, desktop publishing, animation, web design, and editing of digital audio and video. Students leave Burgundy with a set of skills that will help them assess, quickly learn, and effectively use future technologies.