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Diversity & Equity

Burgundy's Diversity and Equity Statement

Approved by the Board of Trustees in September 2016

We integrated that little school [in 1950], not as a challenge to anybody, not as a precedent, just because it seemed a good thing to do, on behalf of our own children, who must learn to live, after all, in a country that doesn’t belong to any particular group. ­

— Eric Sevareid, CBS journalist and Burgundy founding parent, 1959

Burgundy embraces the actions needed to maintain a diverse school community and facilitate the complex conversations that will help us all make sense of history, current events, and our ever-evolving world. Our children are coming of age in an increasingly diverse and globalized world, and they must be prepared for it. A Burgundy Farm Country Day School graduate will embody the sensibilities and demonstrate the knowledge necessary to lead from a position of multicultural and cross-cultural competence in order to:

  • recognize and connect with our common humanity;
  • acknowledge and have empathy for the different and at times painful experiences of others;
  • foster the sharing of diverse values and ideas;  
  • facilitate engagement in creative and innovative processes of change as advocates for justice and equity; and
  • become a thoughtful leader in a world that is more complex and diverse than ever before.

Burgundy’s mission is to prepare the “whole child for the whole world,” which means embracing diversity and ensuring that all community members know they are welcomed, respected, and appreciated. Research supports what we have practiced since 1946: complex problems are solved best when people work together, valuing and drawing on their different knowledge, experiences, skills, and perspectives.

We expect that all Burgundy community members will join in all efforts to ensure diversity and equity in our school and its programs. Toward this end, Burgundy demonstrates its commitment to diversity and equity through:

  • Admission and enrollment
  • Staff recruitment and retention
  • Curricular and program development 

  • Faculty/staff training
  • Governance and policy
  • Parent involvement 

  • Programs of support for students, staff, and community members

We pledge to uphold these principles and policies and provide leadership in their pursuit.

The Scope of Diversity includes: 

  • Age 

  • Ability 

  • Ethnicity 

  • Gender/Gender Identity and Expression 

  • Race 

  • Religion/Spirituality 

  • Sexual Orientation 

  • Socio­economic Status/Class